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Betty Turso, MA, NBCT

I have been teaching English since 1992. Currently, I'm teaching senior English in high school. I have taught college level English and Literature classes as an adjunct professor. I achieved National Board Certification in Adult and Young Adult English  in 2000 and again in 2010. 

I self-published a book, John Horse: Florida's First Freedom Fighter and received a silver medal from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. 

Express yourself!

I want to share my technical knowledge of the craft of writing to give anyone and everyone the technical  tools for self-expression. 

I know down in the science wing, they have some idea about thumbs or whatnot, but what makes us human is we tell stories. We teach our culture through stories. We began telling stories on the walls of caves more than 35,000 years ago! Fortunately today, it's much easier to express yourself. There is no need for a chisel and hammer anymore; all you need is your imagination and maybe a computer or just a pencil.   


So You Want to Write Literary Fiction . . .

I write about the elements of fiction and how to insert literary devices into your writing to create and enhance meaning. I use examples of literary writing to demonstrate craft and allude to writing that is in the public domain; therefore, a Google search will provide the example for the reader. I will refer to the short story, The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell often because it is a tightly crafted story and will provide a stellar example of crafted writing for the reader. 

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